The beer is on the table. Beer and pizza

IIn Italy beer and pizza are always a winning pairing. Find out how to choose the right beer to drink with the pizza you want to enjoy...

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The pairing beer/pizza is a typical Italian one and, born in the fifties, it had a large diffusion until becoming the pairing par excellence.Often there is a misconception that beer and pizza make feel bloated. This can be true if the beer has been wrongly poured and is full of CO2; this blows your stomach and gives a burning sensation because of the reaction between carbon dioxide and tomatoes, the acid ingredient of the pizza.

The main rule to remember about pairing beer and pizza is to choose the beer based on the prevalent taste of the pizza, that is not easy because of the variety of the ingredients used to prepare pizza. For example, the “Four seasons” or the “Four cheese” pizzas are very rich and varied. Sometimes they are dressed with a little hot pepper chili oil, which inhibits the tongue’s ability to perceive tastes and makes pairings more difficult. Even not considering chili, when a pizza contains multiple flavours, balanced to one another or with a little prevalent taste, the beer must be highly fermented, with intense and persistent scent, like an Abbey beer. When beer has to be paired with a simpler pizza, less complex in flavours, a refreshing Lager will be able to fully satisfy also the most exigent tastes. Find out also the best beers to drink with cold cuts and cheeses.