The beer is on the table. The secret ingredient.

Discover how beer can be the secret ingredient of novel recipes or inspire a new interpretation of traditional dishes

Normally served to accompany food, beer can be a special ingredient to prepare novel recipes with a particular touch. As the research for new tastes and particular matchings is more and more sophisticated, gourmets try to appropriately answer to this trend, by revising traditional recipes and creating new and tasty dishes.

As a secret ingredient, beer belongs to this new and diffused trend mainly because, thanks to its variety, its peculiar characteristics ant to its ingredients, it matches very well with food. Anyone who loves cooking and wishes to surprise their guests by discovering a secret ingredient, can try and prepare dishes with beer, also the most traditional ones. To find the right balance between quantity of beer and food, to decide whether to use pale or brown ale, or strong or light beer, is an art based on sensitivity and experience, but on the cook’s taste too.

In order to choose what quality of beer to use when preparing food, it is essential to assess its aromatic complexity. The rule is to serve during the meal the same beer used to cook, in order to enhance food flavours. The recipes are the result of technique and creativity. For this reason, we suggest, according to the cook’s creativity, three main steps when cooking with beer (not necessarily scheduled together): Marination: it can be a preliminary step of another type of cooking (e.g. stewed and braised meat) or the method of cooking itself (e.g. fish carpaccio). Time of marination is variable from 10 minutes to 24 hours for braised meat. Steaming: it is used for rice recipes and “stracotto” (stewed beef cooked in red wine). Beer is added when preparing the “soffritto” (a mixture of finely chopped onions, celery etc. sauteed in olive oil). Creaming: a dish is seasoned with beer, in particular with foam, leaving a delicious perfume without bitter aftertaste.