Belgian/Dutch pouring of draught beer

1 – Put the beer mat on the counter

2 – Take a glass

3 – Use a double sink and degrease the glass with a neutral cleanser

4 – Clean the foot of the glass as well

5 – Rinse the glass in cold water

6 – Check that the glass is perfectly degreased

7 – Open the tap and let the first drops miss the glass

8 – Start pouring the beer holding the glass at a 45 degrees angle

9 – Bring the glass to an upright position in order to get the desired foam on the top of the poured beer (head)

10 – Finish your pour as the head comes up to the top of the glass

11 – Close the tap and quickly move the glass away from the tap

12 – Cut the foam with the beer knife holding it at a 45 degrees angle and removing the larger bubbles

13 – Rinse the exterior surface of the glass

14 – Wipe the glass

15 – Put the glass on the left beer mat with the logo facing the consumer