2014 in Italy, The Year of Lemon Radler

After the success last year of the Dreher Lemon Radler lemon beer drink which went down very well, new for 2014, Heineken is introducing no less than three more lemon Radler drinks to Italy.

The first of the new Radler drinks is Birra Moretti Radler which is made with lemons grown in Italy plus that Italian classic, Birra Moretti beer. You'll be able to find Birra Moretti Radler in shops in Italy from this March onwards.

Next up, there's Ichnusa Limone Radler, a intriguing combination of Ichnusa beer from Sardinia and tangy lemon juice. If you are holidaying in Sardinia this year, keep an eye out for it.
Ichnusa Limone Radler is the ideal drink for those balmy summer evenings on the lovely island of Sardinia.

Last but by no means least, is Dreher Lemon Radler 0.0%, a tangy zero alcohol lemon drink you can enjoy at any time of the day.

There you go, four lemon drinks for you to sample when you are in Italy. Seek them out on supermarket shelves or ask for them by name in Italy's bars and restaurants.

Although you might think they are summer drinks, the lemon Radler quartet goes down well at any time of the year. In the summer, try them with a seafood salad or during the colder months, why not try them with fish dishes?

If you do manage to try these lemon Radlers, let us know what you thought and, if you like, which Lemon Radler is your personal favourite.

Now all you have got to do is book that trip to Italy. Cheers!

By Alex P. Roe