London: the Olympus of pubs

London is the capital of the thousand souls: a melting pot of cultures, religions and atmospheres. It is the city of the Queen and the tea at five - Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly are a proof of this - of fish & chips and, at the same time, of the hundreds of Indian curries, Turkish kebabs, Caribbean restaurants and any other ethnic cuisine you can think of.

London is the City, where suit and tie are a must, it is Camden Town, a very touristy area living in the memory of all the trends that were born here, it is Chelsea and Notting Hill with their chic side and much more else. In short, a puzzle heterogeneous and balanced at the same time, a suggestive world that cannot fail to enchant.

There is an element shared by all Londoners in an essential rite. Yes, we are talking of Her Majesty the beer: the drink par excellence of all Britons (and we hope that Queen Elizabeth II doesn't get annoyed for this). London, in this sense, is a 'huge pub' where beer has never lost its charm. Think that the legendary Gordon Ramsay has opened a pub on the Thames (The Narrow, located at 44 Narrow Street) that serves traditional 'pub' dishes combined with the best beers made in UK. Another superstar chef, Marco Pierre White, has produced his own beer in collaboration with a family-run company in Manchester.

Like the city, the pubs have a thousand facets as well. The Rake, for example, is a 'hole' near Borough Market where you can discover and enjoy the products of many small manufacturers from England and Scotland, but also a lot of foreign breweries, in a beer festival in a constant state of grace.

If at The Rake you drink, at the Cask Pub & Kitchen you will also eat: Fish & Chips, BBQ ribs, roast and Yorkshire pudding are the specialties of the house.Craft Beer Co, opened in 2011, is already known by all the beer hunters. The counter is the absolute protagonist with more than fifteen draught beers: a place dedicated to discovery, perhaps a bit too much for experts, but definitely interesting.

Last but not least, the White Horse in Parson's Green, widely regarded as the number one pub in London. A very beautiful place, where beer is the protagonist and which also hosts exhibitions and beer festivals by countries or styles. The White Horse is also home to the annual International Beer Challenge, a reference point for all fans.

 Enjoy London and Cheers!

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