The brewery museum in Lisbon

Have you decided where to spend your holiday? Portugal might be a good solution and the Beer Museum in Lisbon one more reason to visit this country.

A few weeks ago, during a trip to the beautiful city of Lisbon, we met Sergio Carvalho, Director of the Beer Museum, which has revealed some interesting info about this fascinating place. 

The brewery museum was founded with the purpose of preserve and display the heritage of the Portuguese beer and of the Portuguese-speaking countries. The Museum is divided in four spaces of exhibition also having a restaurant that reconstitutes the knowledge and the flavours of the old Portuguese taverns that are the origins of the national brewing tradition.

The four areas of exhibition are:


1)       From the beginning to the dawn of industrial production

In this space, the History of Beer in Portugal is portrayed, from the oldest documented references to the dawn of the industrial production. That, in nine panels, where image and narrative combine, you can observe the first texts of Roman authors on the Lusitans’ habits, concerning beer consumption and also the slow evolution of beer in Portugal in the Middle Ages and Modern Age. A popular drink , no doubt, opposed by some and many times banned.


2)       From 19th century to present day – The History of national  producers

The history of national  producers, that made Portuguese beer what it is today, is documented in this area. The heritage of our great brewers, now grouped in APCV, is presented. A rich and honorable past made of memories, knowledge and achievements. Simultaneously the past and present of the main beers from the  Portuguese speaking countries are also shown. A brotherhood of flavours, a brotherhood of beer.


3)       Beer in the Portuguese speaking countries

Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Cape Verde, S. Tomé and Principe, Guinea-Bissau. These are the friendly countries whose most significant beers are represented here. A special area dedicated to friendship, brotherhood, to a common heritage that time can not erase. A friendship cemented with beer .


4)       The monastic Brewery

This section takes the visitors back in time. A time made of silences, slow and hard handwork. A time when beer was made by the vigorous arms of friars and monks. A time away from our memory, but always present in every beer tasted. Here we reconstruct the space of a monastic brewery, as it was 500 years ago. Enjoy it.

The Museum of Beer is a place to enjoy and to stay together where beer reigns. After all, tradition is the future!