Why Cook with Beer?

The answer to the question in the title of this post is simply that beer is worth cooking with because it is a surprisingly versatile ingredient. Or rather, that should be: beers are surprisingly versatile ingredients seeing as there are lots of different types of beer.

Depending on which beer you use to prepare which foods, you'll end up with dishes which are slightly different. Beer can add more depth and complexity to a vast range of foods, which is a complicated way of saying if you add beer to certain recipes, they'll taste more interesting.

Everything from oysters to pizza can be cooked with beer! Would you believe that you can even make gingerbread with beer? Don't believe me? Go search for beer gingerbread on the world wide web. (If you can't find it, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.)

Not only can beer be used in savoury dishes, it can be used for just about every course. If you take a look at the Recipes section of I Love Beer, you'll find a great selection of beer based dishes – everything from starters to desserts. You could quite happily create a full beer-based meal, which would, of course, be washed down with even more beer!

Why not experiment with different beer in the same recipes? See which beers work best with which foods. OK, so some of your culinary experiments might not work out exactly as planned, but others will and you may even discover a new favourite food. Plus, of course, and in the tradition, you'll get to drink some beer while you are slaving away over that hot stove – well, you'll need something to keep you cool, won't you? Sounds like a very good excuse to take to the kitchen, if you ask me! You might not get much further than the fridge though.

Men reading this may be thinking: “I like this idea, I'll ask my woman to cook me up some beer food”, but, guys, why don't you do the cooking for a change? Remember, while cooking, you can test a few beers to see which ones you think will work out best. Not a bad idea, eh? ;)

Actually, us menfolk could invite a few of our friends over one evening, ideally in the company of a few ladies, and have a beer sampling and cooking session. If the beer ends up distracting the men, the women could take over, if they want to, that is.

Then again, if you don't know of and restaurants which do beer based food menus you could ask around. Go post a few questions on Facebook or Twitter. You'll probably be surprised what you come up with. You might even discover that the best beer gastronomy eatery in the known universe is just down the road from you! You never know.

Perhaps you already know a good place which does great beer based food, if you do, let us all know where it is.

There you go, you now know why you should be cooking with beer and why you should be trying the food others cook with beer.

All this talk of beer and food has made me thirsty! Time for a beer! Cheers!

By Alex P. Roe