From Mesopotamia to the first “pub” of the Ancient Rome

Beer is more than a simple drink. For thousands of years, actually, it has been part of the history and culture of the populations. In the first part of this “History of beer” we will find out its origins
In 3000 BC in Mesopotamia there was a drink issued from the fermentation of cereals.

An example of beer mug in Mesopotamia

Egyptian woman preparing beer


The technique of beer production reached then Egypt. There are a lot documents of that time covering this subject and, among them, the accounting of the palace of an Egyptian Pharaoh. Beer was considered a sacred drink.


From Egypt, the knowledge on beer found its way to the Greeks and then to the Romans.


Some distinguished people of the Roman Society appreciated in particular its characteristics. For example Agricola, governor of the Britannia, after coming back to Rome in 83 BC, brought with him three master brewers from Glevum (Gloucester) and opened the first pub in Italy.


In Central Europe, the Celts were the first population to develop the tradition of beer coming from Middle East, whose quality was considerably improved. The lived mainly in Gallia and Britannia but their civilisation developed principally in Ireland. It is clearly understood, thus, how beer, in the Celts and Germans age, was something more than a simple drink. From then on, actually, beer is part of the history, culture and economy of those populations.


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