Super Tartare , a recipe of Marco Stabile

Marco Stabile, chef of the restaurant “Ora d’Aria” in Florence, has proposed on the kitchen-stage of the event “Identità di Birra” the recipe of the “super tartare” in which he uses an amber beer both as an ingredient and as a beer pairing. This is the recipe.

320g Fassona beef (beef rump)
200cl amber beer
7g salt of Maldon
20cl extra-virgin olive oil from Chianti
1 Williams pear
Freshly ground wild pepper from Madagascar
1 bowl of shiso green

Cut the meat into slices 5 mm thick and put in a bowl. Cover with cold beer and allow to marinate for about 3 minutes. Drain, chop and season with pepper, salt of Maldon and oil (in this sequence). Knead well until oil is completely absorbed by the meat. Put in the dish and top with the slices of raw pear, that ease digestion of the raw meat. Serve with shiso green (wild sesame), lending an aromatic tone to the tartare.