Sweetbreads marinated in beer, a recipe by Marco Stabile

The beer sweetbreads are a recipe in which Birra Moretti Grand Cru is both an ingredient and a beer pairing. It was presented by Marco Stabile at the event “Identità di Birra”.

Marco Stabile, chef of the restaurant “Ora d’Aria” in Florence, has proposed on the kitchen-stage of the event “Identità di Birra” the recipe of the “beer sweetbreads” in which he uses Birra Moretti Grand Cru both as an ingredient and as a beer pairing.

per 4 persone
300g veal sweetbreads
½ litre of beer
80g rhododendron honey
1 vacuum bag
30g black truffle
100g veal stock
White vinegar (beer vinegar) to taste
150g fresh chards cleaned, washed and blanched
50g smoked cheek of Cinta Senese pig
Some drops of pure Piedmont hazelnuts oil
Oil free hazelnut flour
Salt of Maldon
Wild pepper from Madagascar

Marinate the sweetbreads with beer and honey for 24 hours in the vacuum bag, cook for 30 minutes at 60°C in water (with the Rhoner or, empirically, a pot and a thermometer).Open the bag, drain and allow the sweetbreads to cool in a blast chiller. Cut the sweetbreads into slices 3 cm thick and cook in a salamander on both sides. Sprinkle with oil free hazelnut flour, season with salt of Maldon and freshly ground Madagascar pepper. Mix the black truffle into the veal stock and balance the flavour with the vinegar.

Assemble the dish as follows:

Lay the crispy sweetbreads on the hot black truffle sauce, serve with the fresh chard with warmed hazelnut oil and salt of Maldon, and a thin slice of smoked cheek of Cinta Senese pig.